If you're an old rockers like me, you  probably remember a band called Uriah Heep. You've probably heard songs by them that we play on The Rock, including Stealin', Sweet Lorraine, and Easy Livin'These were some tremendous tunes that became staples of Rock radio. I mean just check out the awesomeness of the lyrics from Stealin'- "I stood on a ridge and shunned religion, thinkin' the world was mine." Now, how can it get any more epic than that, I ask you!

The fact of the matter is that while none of their drummers spontaneously exploded, they were definitely part of the model for Spinal Tap. So, word is that the band is in the studio finishing up an album called "Into the Wild", due for an April release. With 11 new songs, the album is their first on a new record label Frontiers Records.  Judging by the behind the scenes look, the album should be a good one. Not bad for a band that recently celebrated their 40th anniversary.