Jimmy Kimmel was pretty busy last week broadcasting his show live from Austin, Texas' SXSW Festival, and the 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' host really got into the spirit of both the city and the event in offering an actually laugh-inducing car insurance commercial. (Eat it, GEICO!)

SXSW might be most familiar to the culture-driven public thanks to its film and music sections, but the festival is also a huge conference -- so yes, a large portion of it takes place in a massive conference center. If you've ever attended anything resembling a professional conference, you know that the event floor is littered with companies, booths, and peppy representatives trying to push their product by way of free samples and branded swag.

Although plenty of people walked away from SXSW with an assortment of pens from various companies, this year Esurance went a different direction when it came to giving out their swag, using a machine. Sort of. And you talk to it. Kind of. And it gives you cool things. Sometimes.