It's the battle of the year folks! In one corner you have Jon Koppenhaver, professionally known as "War Machine". A former UFC and Belafor MMA fighter who allegedly beat his girlfriend unconscious and put her in a hospital. In the other corner you have an aging bounty hunter with mullet extensions. Hi.....I said mullet extensions.

Reality TV star and real life bounty hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman made a statement via Twitter that said "Better to give all your excuses to the judge. You got 24 hours to turn yourself in or I'M COMING FOR YOU"

Not sure if that strikes the same fear in people's hearts as it once did. Hope Dog drank his Geritol because something tells me a guy named War Machine won't go quietly.

I have nothing against Dog, I'm just joking around and I certainly hope he nails this pathetic piece of trash to the wall but something tells me he isn't just doing it to be a nice guy. Perhaps a ratings increase? No such thing as bad press right?

We shall see how this unfolds. Stay tuned.