This is kinda creepy. Wealthy American investor, Jamie Dingman has been gettin' it on with Elin Nordegren.

Why is this creepy?

Well it wouldn't be, had he never dated Rachel Uchitel, an alleged mistress of her ex-husband, Tiger Woods.

Ooooooooh. Burn.

If that isn't a little bit creepy for you, how about this? He also just got out of a relationship with Tom Brady's baby's mama. So he got Tom Brady's sloppy seconds. Now Tiger Woods's throw aways.

I wonder if this guy has some weird fetish for exes of athletes. Do you think, during the throws of passion, he wants her to call him "Tiger" ?


Although, I guess if you're the gold digging, Nordic Giant type, you've gota have a billionaire. So if use that as your main criteria, your dating pool just got waaaay smaller. So this kinda thing has a higher likelihood of recycled boyfriends and girlfriends happening.