Well, as if there isn't enough crazy shit going on in The Crossroads every day, here is another log to add to the fire.

Apparently, Amy Madigan, was mad...again. See what I did there?

So the story goes like this. Madigan, 40, is a Kindergarten teacher right here in Victoria...well she is recently divorced and decided to pay her husband's new girl a visit with her 2005 Toyota Camry.

She showed up at the home of the new girl, Susan Dorsett a local nurse, and decided to crash her car into her home in an attempt to run Dorsett over. Well, mission accomplished.

Dorsett was transported by ambulance to Detar Navarro where she was initially in serious condition but has since been upgraded.

What bothers me are the people flocking to Facebook to defend the woman who committed the crime. Sure, we all don't know the whole story but that still give nobody the right to run down someone else with a vehicle. Think for a second people.

Sounds to me like both women have bad blood between them and should probably come to a better way of dealing with their anger.

Just my two cents.

By the way, as of this blog, Madigan still remains behind bars.