In case you were looking for that perfect Holiday gift for your college bound child that won't break the bank...I present to you the Magic Witch Cookbox.  This particular model has vast improvements over models past in that it has vastly improved it's "evil spirit channeling device" from 4G.  Act now and they will gladly throw in a magic spinning glass pentagram at no extra charge.  With a deal this evil, how can  you pass it up?  I present to you, a creative way to market one of life's gadgets that we take for granted everyday.....ladies and gentlemen...a microwave.


Magic witch cookbox

Date: 2012-07-31, 9:05PM EDT

Tired of cooking by leaving food out in the sun for hours on end? Don't have the time or patience to build a fire in your kitchen? Now you can cook your food with the power of witchcraft. At the moment, I possess an item of great power (approx. 1380W). By harnessing the power of Satan, this box uses voodoo magic to heat food very quickly. How do I know that it is powered by magic? Why else would the food be boiling lava hot in some places while frozen in others? Anyway, this evil spirit channeling device can be yours for the tidy sum of $60 (or best offer). The runes engraved on this machine seem to tell me that the box was constructed by Sanyo in the Year of Our Lord 1996. EM-F540WK seems to be some kind of model number, but I fear it may be a magic incantation. It's quite sizable, in any case (1.1cu. ft.). You could easily fit a great number of sandwiches inside, provided you wanted those sandwiches heated up. Be warned that bread placed inside may become soggy. This is also clearly the work of evil spirits. If you are a brave soul, contact me and we can discuss a proper sacrifice to be offered in the ritual of exchanging ownership of this device ($).

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