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What Are the 10 Best Places to Retire?
When people retire, they often decide to pull up stakes and move to a new city. No longer bound by the restraints of employment offices or client locales, retirees may instead find themselves drawn to places with great weather, affordable housing or better amenities than where they currently live.
German Prostitutes Have to Feed a Street-Walking Meter
Prostitution is legal in Germany, and subject to taxation. While the German government doesn’t have a problem collecting taxes from sex workers who operate out of brothels, getting street walkers to pay up has been tricky.
The German city of Bonn thinks they have a solution to this problem: a parking…
Man Escapes Ankle Monitor By Detaching Prosthetic Leg
A 29-year-old man from the UK found a pretty ingenious way of outsmarting authorities and beating his ankle monitor: he lost a leg. Well, he probably lost his leg first, but then tricked a security firm into attaching his court appointed ankle monitor to his prosthetic leg
Facebook : #1 New Place to Hire an Assassin
I knew that damned ole facebook was gonna be trouble. But ruining marriages is one thing. Addiction to "Farmville" is stupid and irritating to hear someone talk about, but it's not the real problem now either.

Update on Alaska’s Mysterious “Orange Goo”
Ok. Scientists say they have it figured out. Kind of anyway. Maybe "figured out" is pushing it, but narrowed down, at least.

They claim now that is definitely a "natural" substance. It's not man-made. So their verdict as to WHAT it exactly is...Eggs.

Eggs? What k…

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