The ‘Floppyest’ Version of Stairway to Heaven’ Yet
Are you a Led Zeppelin fan? If you are , then you probably know that we here at KLUB Classic Rock 106.9 play plenty of music from the band, including the ever-popular 'Stairway To Heaven.'
You probably know that song and maybe have even heard plenty of cover versions, but you've proba…
An Exhibition Dedicated to Toilets? Why Shouldn’t There Be?
Indoor plumbing is certainly one of the most important advances in modern civilization. So much so in fact, that Tokyo's Science Museum has decided that it was important enough to have an entire exhibit dedicated to the commode, the throne, the porcelain God or any other name you may have for i…
Check Out the New Electric Harley [VIDEO]
Harley-Davidson motorcycles are the stuff of legend. You know the trademark look and sound of a Harley, but now the company is getting on the alternative energy train by introducing an all electric bike. Check out Project LiveWire.
Ebay Hacked. Urges Members to Change Passwords Immediately.
The online auction juggernaut Ebay was recently hacked. And by recently, I mean sometime between late February and early March according to Ebay spokespeople.
Someone was able to gain access to encrypted passwords but luckily, everyone's financial information (credit cards, bank account info et…
Watch Kids React to Seeing a Walkman for the First Time.
If you were alive in the 80's and early part of the 90's then you remember audio cassette. More importantly, you remember the portable device in which those cassettes played. Of course I'm talking about the Walkman.
Kids nowadays have no idea what the hell a Walkman is much less how …
Google Glass On Sale for Today Only!
Want to own a pair of Google's coveted Google Glass? Yeah, me neither. Google announced that it is letting people into their explorer program today only starting at 8am this morning.
The price? Only $1500. No thanks. Knowing my luck as soon as I bought it they would come out with Google Gla…
Amazon Unveils Streaming Media Device
Amazon wants to be the brain -- and the heart -- inside your big-screen TV.
On Wednesday the company introduced a small black box called Amazon Fire TV that enables television sets to access Internet programming, including streaming shows from its Amazon Prime subscription service, and a giant librar…

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