I think the title of this article speaks for itself.  Do I really have to say more? 

Wherever there is a legitimate sport, where women are fighting hard to be recognized as competitors, there are hotter women, who are willing to exploit themselves, and overshadow the actual athletes.

These same type of women hitch their wagons to the Super Bowl and create their own "Lingerie Sporting Events".  What's really funny though, is that this has gone mainstream.  That isn't just a fringe thing anymore. 

I have no complaints. 

My only issue is...Why?  Seriously.  If I wanna see hot chicks in bikinis, that's what I'll do.  Why involve sports at all?

Such promotions are kind of a slap in the face to the integrity of the sport.

But This particular "bikini sporting event" isn't exactly like that.  This is an actual Women's pro soccer team in Russia that is just cash strapped enough to pull such a stunt, to put butts in the seats.  They've promised to play their next match, wearing only bikinis.  

This would soooo neevr work with a guy's team.  How many people would watch if a guy's team decided to wear bananna hammocks? 

My guess is, not many.

Here's the link...with a few pics.  Enjoy.