Later tonight (April 14), the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony will take place in Cleveland. With all the bad news this week surrounding Axl Rose‘s refusal and Rod Stewart‘s inability to attend the ceremony, we thought we’d try to put a positive spin on the event and ask you who else should be in the Hall of Fame.

The Hall of Fame has cool exhibits and does a great job in making sure that some of rock’s roots and earliest pioneers are not forgotten. However, it has often been accused of ignoring certain bands (or entire genres) that may not have been critics’ darlings, but undoubtedly contributed to the rich history of rock n’ roll.

So we thought we’d ask you readers the following question: If you were involved in determining who gets inducted into the Hall of Fame, which band would you vote for? We’ve compiled a list of eligible acts, but you can only choose one. If you think a different band should be inducted instead of those we’ve chosen, vote for “Other.”