When you consider factors including how well a city's sports team performs, average tickets prices to see them play, and the number of sports bars per capita, you can begin to compile a list of 2016's Best Sports Cities. Considering the diehard fans for pro sports teams in the Lone Star State, you can easily see that we have some of the best right here in Texas.

According to stats compiled by WalletHub, Houston is the top in Texas coming in at 15th overall, 26th for football, 16th for basketball, 23rd for baseball, and 7th for soccer. (Wait, there's soccer in Houston?)

Next on the list is Dallas with an overall ranking of 17th, 11th for football, 20th for basketball, 300th for baseball, 17th for hockey, and 15th for soccer.

San Antonio ranked 31st overall, and it's no surprise that the home of the Spurs was ranked #3 for basketball.

It's an interesting compilation of metrics for sure, and you can check it out here.