If you even mildly follow sports, you've heard about it, if not seen the video for yourself. Schwartz vs Harbough.

What's the big deal? Seriously...look at the video of Detroit Lion's head coach Jim Schwartz being "shoved out of the way" and tell me if anything looks abnormal and "fight worthy" about it. NOTHING. That's what you'll find.

This appears to be a COMPLETE overreaction on Schwartz's part. I mean, we can't hear what is being said between them, but it appears as though Harbough is being honest here.

He just got excited. He gave a hand shake and a back slap like he would a player...not a coach. If there's a problem, that's it. He didn't treat him like a coach. Is that really worthy of chasing him down the field, attempting to get up in his face? You decide. Watch the video here yourself.