Imagine leaving your house to go to work or school one morning only to find that your vehicle or your garage door has been damaged during the night. That's would suck big time. Some pranksters having a laugh now potentially costs you thousands of dollars in repairs and added insurance costs. Not to mention the fact that now you feel less secure on your own property. That's exactly what happened last month in two Victoria neighborhoods, and you can help prevent these kinds of things from happening again by helping catch the people responsible in this week's Crime Stoppers Crime of the week/

On the morning of November 27th, residents of the Shenandoah and Castle Hills neighborhoods awakened to find their vehicles had been damaged during the night.

Several vehicles had windows that appeared to have been shot out by BB or pellet guns.

Several nights earlier, two homes in the area had their garage doors damaged by an SUV or large truck.

Victoria Crime Stoppers
Victoria Crime Stoppers

If you have information about this crime, please contact Victoria Crime Stoppers at 361-572-4200.  If you give information that leads to arrest or indictment, you could earn a cash reward.

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