A few days ago, I posted a story on a local man who was arrested on possession of child pornography charges. We have an update to that story.

41 year old Johnny Cecil sits in Victoria County jail on a $40,000 bond as of this posting. Cecil was served a warrant by police Monday night around 8pm. It's not clear whether police were tipped off from a recent message Cecil left for an underage boy on Facebook. If I were a betting man, I'd say most likely.

The tip I'm referring to is that from the child's mother, Shanda Hicks, who discovered the message from Cecil in her son's messages. What this sick bastard wrote is nothing short of disgusting..

"I wish I could kiss you," the messages said, according to screen shots that I have personally seen. "I would love to treat you to a movie and a nice dinner and take you to laser world and play laser tag with you." Cecil wrote

According to Victoria Advocate archives, Cecil was given an award for "Outstanding Citizen Crime Prevention" in August 2011. He was a member of the Civilian Police Academy Alumni Association and served as a volunteer to the Victoria Police Department and the Crime Prevention Unit, heading up all of the child print events.

The investigation is ongoing. Of course police can't say much about the case until the investigation is complete.

I personally hope this ass bag rots in the deepest part of the jail. Parents, please be aware of who your kids are talking to online. According to Mrs. Hicks, her son never replied to Cecil...smart kid.

More info if it becomes available.