The good folks at UHV have graciously offered their campus to the Lupus Foundation of America for their Walk to End Lupus 5k coming up tomorrow!

If you heard, Donna and Hillary stopped by a couple of weeks ago to give us the rundown on the event that holds a special place in my heart. Why? Because back in 2013 I myself was diagnosed with Lupus and I know first hand how debilitating the disease can be and how important it is to find a cure.

Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease. Chronic means that the signs and symptoms tend to last longer than six weeks and often for many years.

In Lupus, something goes wrong with your immune system, which is the part of the body that fights off viruses, bacteria, and germs ("foreign invaders," like the flu). Normally our immune system produces proteins called antibodies that protect the body from these invaders. Autoimmune means your immune system cannot tell the difference between these foreign invaders and your body’s healthy tissues and creates autoantibodies that attack and destroy healthy tissue. These autoantibodies cause inflammation, pain, and damage in various parts of the body. Basically your body is allergic to itself.

Lupus can literally attack any part of the body. There are quite a few misconceptions about Lupus so I will address the most common:

*Lupus is not contagious, not even through sexual contact. You cannot "catch" lupus from someone or "give" lupus to someone.

*Lupus is not like or related to cancer. Cancer is a condition of malignant, abnormal tissues that grow rapidly and spread into surrounding tissues. Lupus is an autoimmune disease, as described above. However, some treatments for lupus may include immunosuppressant drugs that are also used in chemotherapy.

*Lupus is not like or related to HIV (Human Immune Deficiency Virus) or AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). In HIV or AIDS the immune system is underactive; in lupus, the immune system is overactive.

*Lupus can range from mild to life-threatening and should always be treated by a doctor. With good medical care, most people with lupus can lead a full life.

Lupus affects roughly 1.5 million people in the U.S. alone. 90% of those cases are women which is where some people may have the misconception that it is strictly a "woman's disease". It can affect anyone.

As someone who suffers from Lupus I'm very grateful when people put something like this together. This walk is extremely important not only to raise awareness but to raise money for the most important thing...a cure. I want to thank Dana Jones for getting this event scheduled here in Victoria. Donna Lutz for devoting her time and awesome effort helping getting this thing organized and UHV for allowing us to use your place to host it.

If you can't make it we understand but I encourage you to make a small donation in your place if you cannot attend. Lets show support for those fighting this and all other autoimmune diseases. They are true warriors.

For more information, or to sign up to walk as an individual or a team Visit HERE

Check out their Facebook page HERE

Since it is close to Halloween, costumes are not only allowed....they're encouraged!