School is back in session and for those of us who have younger children, there is a new modern-day competition that is now putting additional stress on already loaded days. It seems like every year parents have to one-up their former self. Now parents are targeting their packed lunch game.

There seems to be a trend of having the kid with the cutest and most thoughtful and unique lunches in the cafeteria. The days of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are long gone. Two simple pieces of square bread will just not do anymore. No, there is so much more effort going into lunches nowadays.


Bento-style lunch containers and lunches with faces are the new things. Parents are being so extremely extra when it comes to their kid's lunches. Take these lunches for instance.

Or check out this one.

It is almost a crime if you do not neatly arrange perfectly portioned food. Add ons like silicone muffin holders to keep your snacks tidy are a must.

Or food picks that hold together smaller items and just give the entire lunch a personality of its own.

There are lunches made with a specific theme like Hello Kitty or a unicorn theme. There are so many add ons you can purchase to bring a lunch to life.

Check out these too adorable to eat rice balls.

For many of us, there is just not enough time in the day to put that much effort into a lunch. You get dinner leftovers and that's it. I must say, I fall into this cycle where I have to show my love for my child based on how intricate and fun her lunch is. It is like we as parents show the amount of love we have for our child based on a lunch arrangement.

It is just plain ridiculous. Anyways, does anybody know where I can get a unicorn-shaped cookie cutter...

Take the poll below and let us know what type of lunches you send your child to school with. Do you go all out and create masterpieces, or do they get what they get?

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