If you live in South Texas you know that there are many towns in the State of Texas that are mispronounced, including one town in our own backyard!  Refugio is a town that many people in our city mispronounce. I used to be one of them that is until I met my wife! She is from a small town outside of Laredo called Bruni.  Maybe some of you have heard of it?

The first time I said REF-FURY-O in front of her, she laughed and said, "That is NOT how you say it!" She then pronounced it with that 'Mexican' accent and it made me think.  I looked at the word again and realized that there is no second 'R' in Refugio, but many of us just add it in.  The correct pronunciation is REF-FEW-GEE-O.  It sounds funny in English and perfect in Spanish.

Now let's take a look at some other mispronounced towns in our great State of Texas.

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