a hot dog.  What the hell?

This really happened. 

Tiger Woods was putting on the Seventh Green at the open in California, over the weekend, when some d-bag threw a hotdog at him. 

But who am I to judge?  I was escorted away, by police, from a political rally after hitting, presidential hopeful, Lamar Alexander in the shoulder with a breath mint.  True Story.

Tiger Woods is now officially "Happy Gilmore".  His mere presence makes Golf a circus.  And I love it.

I hated Golf until Tiger crashed that car.  Or should I say, "Crashed his Life"?    I honestly don't think I could possibly enjoy someone's downfall more.  I'll admit it.  Ihave taken pleasure in seeing his life unravel.

I can't believe that Rolex just gave him an endorsement deal.  I think that he should do Male Enhancement commercials with Ron Jeremy.  Or PSA's for avoiding STD's.

Now back to the original point of my rant.  I don't think it's right that somebody threw a hotdog at Tiger Woods.  But I would DEFINITELY throw a hotdog at a few of these golfers...just click below   : )