For all the gloom and doom of the recent 'Walking Dead' episodes, full of heartbreaking character deaths, isn't about time someone found a bit of happiness?  Even if that happiness might be soul-shatteringly awkward for fans of the comic book series?  Looks like we're about to find out, as a new clip from the next all-new 'The Walking Dead' episode "Hounded" confirms a long-hinted romance, but is their any way the new coupling won't end in disaster?

While earlier we saw Rick Grimes coming off his murderous high in a clip from next week's all-new 'The Walking Dead' episode "Hounded," it sees death is the last thing on the minds of two fellow characters.  That's right, love is finally in the air for 'The Walking Dead' once more, and we're not talking about Glenn and Maggie!

As the latest clip shows, the uneasy flirtation between Andrea and the Governor finally comes to a head, but how long can it really last?  Andrea already expressed her disgust with the biter fights in Sunday's "Say the Word," so how long could it be before she uncovered the Woodbury leader's other disturbing secrets?

Of course, the real coupling we're still rooting for is that of Daryl and Carol, who has yet to resurface dead, undead or alive in spite of the group's fears.  Wouldn't your undead heart just melt to see Daryl rescue his friend from deeper within the prison?  Or was that already covered by Daryl's cradling of "Li'l Ass-Kicker?"

Check out the clip below, and give us your predictions for 'The Walking Dead's "Hounded" in the comments!