Brace yourself for this.  There is a group of guys that is suing "Playboy" for gender discrimination.  When I first read the headline on TMZ, I assumed that they wanted to pose for the magazine or something.  But no...even worse.

They are suing because at the recent "Leather and Lace" party at the Playboy Mansion, they had to pay $1,000 to get in, while beautiful women were getting in for free.

Boo-hoo...Boo-Hoo-Hoo. Sob, Sob.


Okay first of all, that's a given.  That's how Playboy rolls.  That's how night clubs roll for God's sake.  If you want to pack the house with hotness, the chicks get in for free.  End of story.  While guys have to pay for the privilege of being there.

Secondly, it sounds like a real bargain to me.  IT'S A PARTY AT THE PLAYBOY MANSION!!  If your name isn't an elite hollywood name, why would they let you in for free? 

I bet the drinks were free.

This moron, Steve Frye, is spearheading this lawsuit.  Now other men have joined too though.  If a judge doesn't laugh in their face and throw this one out, something is very wrong.