It's still kind of painful to look back on. An 8 and 8 finish, and now the Cowboys are kind of hitting the reset button with all the changes that followed at the end of the season.

Dallas fans can hold their heads high knowing they did their part all season long though. The fan base showed up. For the 11th season in a row, the Dallas Cowboys led the NFL in attendance. #11inarow!

If we only look at home games on the Cowboys schedule it's even more impressive. The team has a total of 727,432 fans in the seats in Dallas in 2019 with each game seeing about 90,900 people show up at. The Cowboys run as 'America's Team' continues with Green Bay as a distant second with 77,000 fans in attendance each week.

The Houston Texans finished 9th overall in the NFL, with 1,075,836 fans showing up for both home and away games. The team played in front of about 67,200 fans each week in 2019 according to ESPN.

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