Chicken fried steak. It's a popular menu item at restaurants across America, particularly in the South. I am a steak lover for sure but, I like a steak without too much on it to disguise it's natural flavor. Some garlic, maybe a little marinade once in a while, and often with some sauteed mushrooms. Occasionally however, I do crave a good chicken fried steak. Since I haven't had one very often, I posed the question to my Facebook friends to see who they thought had the best in the crossroads and, based on comments I received, here are the results.

1. Double J's got the most votes.

I've only eaten there for lunch a few times, but I gotta say they had a pretty darn good burger. Double J's Eatery is located at 8607 N. Navarro, Suite E.

2. Ramsey's Restaurant

Coming in at a close 2nd, Ramsey's website claims it to be the 'Home of the Chicken Fried Steak' and the 'World's Best Breakfast.' One respondent mentioned their Chicken Fried Breakfast Plate, which makes my mouth water just thinking about it. Ramsey's restaurant is located at 1403 N. Navarro.

3. Hungry-Thirsty Jack's

Hungry Jacks, Hungry-Thirsty's, Hungry-Thirsty Jack's, whatever you want to call it (I've never heard 2 people call it the same thing), came in 3rd. Located at 1209 E. Airline, it's been described on Yelp as having a 'bit of an odd setup' but, got pretty positive reviews.

4. Colet Inn

Only open for dinner on Fridays and Saturdays, Colet Inn Bar & Grill at 3023 Coletoville Road was called by one respondent as the best chicken fried steak around. They also got positive reviews on Yelp.

5. All of the Following...

All of the following received a mention: The Goldmine, Grandy's, River Oaks Cafe in Dripping Springs, Guerilla Gourmet, Bayside Restaurant, Bubba's in Seadrift, Barkett's (also in Seadrift), Wagon Train in Port Lavaca, Gonzales Cafe, Sirloin Stockade (no longer open) and, The Goldmine in Victoria.

Since I posted the question last week along with a picture of a tasty-looking chicken fried steak, my wife said it made her hungry for one so, we went to one of my favorite steak places in town, Texas Roadhouse. While I had a sirloin (because when I'm at a steakhouse, I order a steak, which was excellent, by the way) she did have the chicken fried steak. Naturally, I had to taste it, and it was delicious! Now, I must go back. And, since I got so many recommendations, I must try each and every one. It's a delicious challenge, one which I must accept.