Last night's Monday Night Football matchup was live in Mexico City.  The Houston Texans and the Oakland Raiders squared off in what was actually a pretty good game.....until the 4th quarter when, in true Texans style, the defense seemed to shut down.  Blame it on the altitude like most fans seem to be doing but it seems to be the same story wherever they play.

The Raiders certainly had their share of help....I'm not totally blind...The refs made some more than questionable calls from Hopkins' touchdown that was called back even though he never stepped out of bounds, to the spot of the ball on 3rd and 4th down that should have been marked a 1st down but wasn't resulting in a turnover on downs late in the 4th quarter.

Also, the Raiders may have had some help from the stands as well.  It seemed someone with a green laser pointer was shining the light in quarterback Brock Osweiler's face biggest part of the night.  MNF announcers said security was aware of it and that they were searching for the culprit.  No word if they caught him or not.

Either way that game was winnable for the Texans and they did have obstacles to overcome.  But that's what winning teams do, they overcome.  Something the Texans need to learn how to do if they ever plan on making past the first round of the playoffs.

The Raiders won the game 27-20.