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The Best Police Lip Sync Challenge EVER
I've seen the police lip syncchallenge videos all over the place lately and they're pretty good but, I was wondering why they are all pop songs, and I'm not seeing any rock? That's when I ran across this outstanding video from the Pittsboro police department in Pittsboro, Indiana…
What’s the Most Popular You Tube Channel in Texas?
If you spend any time on the internet at all, chances are you spend time on You Tube. From music videos to product reviews, cat videos and conspiracy theories, the site has it all. Have you ever wondered what the most popular channels are in each state...
You Tube's Biggest Videos
YouTube, ITube, WeAllTube. That was never truer than it was in 2015 when the site continued to be a destination for people to see the best and hottest videos.
Is YouTube Making Us… Smarter?
Anybody who's been to YouTube quickly becomes cynical about the future of the human race, particularly when you read the comments to... well... any video. But this PBS video argues that YouTube actually makes you smarter by lowering barriers to learning about literally any topic. And we have to ad…
Ain’t No Party Like a Rojo Party! [VIDEO]
Low budget TV commercials are the best. Whether it's bad acting, lame copy, sloppy cuts and edits, I'm sure you've seen your share. Thanks to the internets, we don't have to go too long without enjoying some low budget goodness!
Check out this Crazy Animated Short Film “The Chase” [VIDEO]
When you've got a job where all you do is play music all day long (yeah right), you tend to have a little extra time on your hands. Time that can be best spent doing things like reading magazines, harassing your co-workers, and surfing this vast space known as the internet, or as the old folks call …

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