Whataburger Unveils New Food Truck and It's Awesome
As one of the biggest Whataburger fans on the planet, I was very excited to see this.  Whataburger has unveiled a Whataburger Food Truck!  It is AWESOME!
This is one way that the company is celebrating its 70th birthday...
Whataburger Offering Buy One, Get One Deal
In case you didn't know, I just might be the biggest Whataburger fan on the planet and this is no exaggeration 😂.  If you had access to my App and order history, you might say, I have a problem.  I won't lie, I have had 6 Patty Melt Meals, add grilled Jalapenos, this month alone…
Latest Crossroads Cancellations and Date Changes
Here is the latest information regarding cancellations, business hour changes, and date changes in the Crossroads.
The Texas Mile originally scheduled for March 27th thru March 29th is being rescheduled under directions from the CDC and Victoria's leaders' guidance...

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