New School Traffic Woes
I was reading in the Victoria Advocate that there were 14,200 students that started the new school year at V.I.S.D. schools yesterday, and when I was dropping off my eager student at Howell Middle School, I got the impression that about 95% of those students were going there. Needless to say, the tr…
William Shatner Touts Turkey Frying Safety [VIDEO]
How about a deep fried turkey for Thanksgiving? Every year, you hear the horror stories of turkey fryer mishaps, and the usual safety messages. This year, State Farm Insurance put together a public service announcement to preach turkey frying safety. And, who better to star in that message than the …
Let’s Blow Some Crap Up !!!
"Do Not Put in Mouth...When Lit". That's my all time favorite warning on fireworks. Ridiculous, don't you think? Obviously, someone actually DID put in mouth when lit or that warning would've never made it to the package"