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Electronic Cigarettes : Exploding Danger?
One of the biggest advantages of "smoking" an Electronic cigarette, is that it's supposed to be safer than a "real" cigarette. Right?

Well, I know of a guy in Florida that would tell you they're NOT safer at all. He would tell you, that is, if his two front teeth and…
Oregon Man Predicted “Linsanity”
Jeremy Lin was california's High School player of the year though. But he wasn't even offered a scholarship to a "real" basketball school. He ended up playing at Harvard, of all places, where he was really good. But still...nobody drafted him.

He made two NBA practice squad, …
Share Some Warm Fuzzies
You've got to admit that this is pretty cool. A megaphone is set up in Time's Square, for passersby to say something nice and encouraging for others to hear.

The flipside of this could be a lot of fun too. They should hire Don Rickles to insult passersby. That could be "encouraging&…

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