Tongue Twister Day!
Time for another fun holiday, and today's date is one sure to capture your attention. It is Tongue Twister Day, and you need to be ready for all those to phrases and words created to make you stumble, fumble and wreak havoc on your speech...
How Cold Is It? A Few of My Favorites
It's cold outside! I thought when I left Michigan years ago, these cold temperatures would be a thing of the past. Oh well, at least it won't last long, and soon enough we'll be complaining how hot and humid it is. In the meantime, I thought I'd share a few 'how cold is it..…
Man Animates Drunk Wife’s Ridiculous Joke
We wish somebody would follow us around and animate our drunken brilliance. Although, to be fair, arguing over the lyrics to a Go-Go's song is not nearly as entertaining as this joke, told by Adam Patch's wife after she drank an entire bottle of wine.