Halloween Costumes

Donate Your Halloween Costume
Now that Halloween is over, what will you do with your used costumes? Instead of throwing thm away, or leaving them hanging in a closet until they're long forgotten, why not donate them?
Madi Tays, Chick-fil-A, and KLUB Classic Rock 106...
Halloween Costume Thanks
Madi Tays, Chick fil A and Townsquare Media want to say a big Thank You to everyone who donated Halloween Costumes. With everyone’s help we were able to bring a smile to several children’s faces. The kids loved getting to pick out their own costume...
10 Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Horse [PICTURES]
From dogs dressed as Darth Vaderto Elvis kitties, we can’t stop stuffing our four-legged friends into Halloween attire each October. Dog and cat costume parades are more popular than ever, and everyone from major pet supply companies like Petco to mom-and-pop Etsy dealers make a mint…
10 WTF Halloween Costumes
It's October, so we are officially allowed to start talking about our favorite holiday, Halloween. Looking to make a powerful impression this halloween? Here are some tips for choosing the right costume.

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