Diet, Exercise, Sacrifice
We've seen exercise programs come and go. They all promise to help you get fit, but most leave something to be desired or, they just aren't something that you can stick with. Well, here's one that can make the difference, it's called 'Goth Fitness' and, it comes from th…
5 Exercises to Improve Your Heart Health
Experts will tell you that being active and getting 30 minutes of moderate exercise five times a week will improve your health. Active people tend to be fitter and generally enjoy better health. But if you're concerned about your risk of heart disease due to past issues or a family history, the…
Now, that’s an Unusual Workout! [VIDEO]
There are zillions of exercise routines, some of which use specialized equipment, others just simple items. In the following video, this group is doing a routine using small trampolines. That's normal enough, but watch what happens about 25 seconds in. Weird!
The 3 Biggest Mistakes People Make in the Gym
Every week, Coach Rick Scarpulla answers questions from readers and gives advice about strength training and fitness. This week, we had a question of our own, so we asked Rick "what are the biggest mistakes people make in the gym?" He pointed out the three most common and suggestio…
10 Epic Pole Dancing Disasters [VIDEO]
It used to be that pole dancing was strictly the domain of well-tipped professionals.
However, these days, with pole dancing being embraced as both a form of exercise and something you can do in a Hip-Hop star's rec room or tour bus, many more amateurs are taking to the pole.

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