The Email Guitar-Talk About A Cool Use of Technology!
Okay, so you spend a lot of time on the computer at work and at home, so wouldn't it be cool if you could use some of that time more productively, like to practice your guitar?
Well, now you can! Yes, now you can practice guitar, and send email at the same time!
Do You Have a Secret Email Address? — Survey of the Day
Given the simplicity of signing up for an email account, most folks end up having multiple email addresses. Some are for business, others for friends and family, and it's a good idea to have one to use for offers that may result in a deluge of spam.
Then there is the most controversial …
Tech Thursday: Can’t get your Emails to leave the premises?
If you use Outlook and have been running into the problem of sending emails, such as it goes into the outbox and just sits there.
To get it to "leave the premises," you have to open up the Outbox folder and click Send again. From what I seen and heard this is a rather common problem and ca…
Tech Thursday: Tips and Tricks for the iPad
Last Thursday, I mentioned a few tips for Windows 7. So, this week thanks to, I thought I would give equal time to Apple and the IPad. So, here you go…
Yes, you can reveal hidden keyboard characters
Holding down certain keys provides additional character options. A long tap on the Comma ke…