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Look for Extra Patrols on the Streets this Holiday Weekend
While you're enjoying the 4th of July holiday weekend, law enforcement agencies will be out in force keeping the roads safe by cracking down on drunk drivers and other traffic violations.The Texas Department of Public Safety will join forces with other agencies looking out for speeders, seat be…
Crossroads DWI Task Force
It's Spring Break in the Crossroads, a time to rest, recuperate or, in some cases, blow off a little steam. That likely involves enjoying an adult beverage or two but, before you go a little too crazy, keep in mind that Victoria law enforcement is out looking for you.
Police Cracking Down on Drunk Drivers for Labor Day
With summer winding down and Labor Day approaching, law enforcement agencies in the Crossroads are keeping an eye out for those that may be overindulging.
Last year in Texas, 21 people were killed and 42 were seriously injured in 338 alcohol-related crashes over the Labor Day holiday...
Driver Forgets His Arm
A Corpus Christi man fleeing a one-car crash last week left something behind at the scene...his arm. Now, before you start thinking "eww, gross!", keep in mind it was his prosthetic arm.

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