Abbott Loosens Restrictions but Bars Remain Closed
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott held a press conference today and spoke about loosening restrictions. Governor Abbott is allowing some businesses to increase their capacity. This announcement comes as the number of coronavirus cases and hospitalizations have steadily declined in the state of Texas...
Bars Will Feel a Lot Different on Friday
As as private and club DJ, this is one announcement that I had been waiting for, just like many of you!  BARS CAN OPEN!
Many Texans were waiting for Governor Greg Abbott to make this announcement.  His Monday announcement stated that  day care centers, youth clubs and personal-care ser…
10 Fictional Bars You Can Actually Visit
If you’re a TV and cinema buff, as well as a barfly, you just might be able to combine your passions together. The characters inhabiting our film and television fantasy worlds need places to hang out, just like we do.