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Austin is the Best State Capital in the Nation
Everybody loves Austin, Texas. From it being the live music capital of the world to offering some of the best restaurants, scenery, history and culture (not to mention the fact that it's the seat of government), Austin is a great place to live, work and visit, minus the horrible traffic, that i…
Keeping Austin Weird
How do you describe Austin? Well, aside from being the state capitol, Austin has a reputation for being 'weird.' Now, if you're not from around these parts, this little travelogue from The Scene might help a little, but even of it's not very informative, it is pretty funny...
Win John Mellencamp Tickets
How would you like to see one of the greatest American classic rock artists of all time? We're giving you a chance to win tickets to see John Mellencamp in Austin! He's currently his 2015 North American Tour. Want to win? Read on.

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