Trains are the source of many complaints in Victoria, whether it's the horns blasting away, or waiting for them to crawl across the tracks so you can be on your way.

We have tracks right behind our building here at the radio station, and when they come through blowing their horn, if you're recording something in the production studio, it's loud enough that you have to wait for it to pass.  I also get stuck at a crossing when I'm in a hurry to get somewhere and, while it's not for a huge amount of time, it's still frustrating.

That wait is nothing like what the residents of Victoria's Brentwood subdivision have to put up with, sometimes having to wait as long as 30 minutes and in some cases, breakdowns have even cut off one neighborhood access for several hours. Good news, as relief is on the way.

As reported in the Victoria Advocate, the county plans to build a new street that will connect the subdivision that's located off business highway 59 to Lone tree Road. No official word on when that project will begin.