You know that slightly creepy dude who, every time someone sneezes, announces that a sneeze is 1/10th of an orgasm? That's me, I wrote this article.

There has always been speculation throughout the years that sneezing is akin to having a toe-curling orgasm, but the theory has never really been proven or disproven. If it had been, we would definitely be seeing a whole lot more sexual retreads from all over the world finding release by snorting pepper grains off of smut magazines, rather than using more traditional methods like pecker clamps and pocket tang.

The apparent lack of masturbatory rituals involving household spices or other nasal irritants seems to support the idea that any gushing similarities between sneezing and having an orgasm is most probably a myth.

However, the two reflexes may not be as different as you think. Sneezes and orgasms are similar because they are both reflexes that involve a process of tension and release to complete the action. Embarrassingly enough, in both cases sometimes the release comes without any warning whatsoever. There are also those times when no matter how hard you work at it – nothing happens.

There are plenty of theories for helping with that in both cases, but don't mix them up -- you can't stop an orgasm from happening by pressing that spot under your nose. Well, you'd definitely stop hers, on account of how creepy you'd look.

Though there is no scientific data that proves a connection between sneezing and orgasms, there have been reports of men and women becoming sexually aroused after a good sneeze. Scientists say those cases are likely caused by crossed wires in the autonomic nervous system, which is responsible for making all of our get-me-off spots swell and throb.

Incidentally, scientists also say that a person’s nose contains the same type of erectile tissue that is found in genitalia. Man, that really gives a whole new meaning to the word “hard-nose” doesn’t it?