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Towns in Texas That People Mispronounce
If you live in South Texas you know that there are many towns in the State of Texas that are mispronounced, including one town in our own backyard!  Refugio is a town that many people in our city mispronounce. I used to be one of them that is until I met my wife...
How to Vote Early in Texas
This past Monday, Governor Greg Abbott announced that he was expanding the early voting period by six days; this gives voters more time to vote early instead of standing in long lines on Election day this November 3rd.
TikTok Invited to Make Headquarters in Fort Bend County
If you have a teen or preteen, chances are, you have heard of the TikTok App because they always on it! I can't say anything because you couldn't get me off of AOL when it first came out LOL. After TikToks release in 2017, it has been downloaded over 2 BILLION times in the App Store and Go…

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