There's an organization for everything in this country.  Some that are charitable.  Some that provide research statistics.  Some are religious. Some that are helpful resources for staying informed. 

But only one that celebrates the splendor and glory that is..."The Stache".  That would be the "American Mustache Institute".

I swear to God, or someone like him/her, that I'm not making this one up.

Evidently, Hulk Hogan is considering shaving off his stache, in hopes of landing some legitimate acting roles.  Insert eye roll here.  Yeah, because the mustache os what's keeping him from getting acting roles.

This is where the American Mustache Institute (AMI) gets involved.  According to the chairman, Dr. Aaron Perlut, The Hulkster has been "seen as a longtime leading figure in the sexually dynamic Mustached American community."   The good doctor adds, "Not only would the removal of his lower nose foliage cause angels in heaven to die and fall to earth -- as is written in biblical texts -- but it would send a poor message to young people of Mustached American descent who wish to embrace the Mustached American experience." 

Wow.  When you're right, you're right.  Here's a link to the organizations website.