Just a friendly reminder that VISD goes back to school tomorrow, August 17th.

Remember, school zones will be in effect tomorrow morning so take it a little slower (especially if it is still raining) and please keep your eyes peeled for kids crossing the roadway. Sometimes they don't always look before stepping into the road and it's up to you to be their second set of eyes.

I find this sad that I have to say this but PUT THE CELL PHONES AWAY! I can't tell you how many times over the 4 years I've lived here I've been driving in a school zone and some idiot whips past me doing 45 talking or texting away. Your phone call/text isn't worth a child's life. It can wait.

Also, again I find it sad I have to say this, be mindful and courteous of buses. Give them a little extra room and remember when the red lights are flashing do not pass. You'd be surprised how much I've seen this violated as well.

Victoria isn't know for particularly safe driving let's face it. But we all need to take extra care around schools and buses and pay extra attention.

Let's have a great school year here in Victoria!