We see a lot of unfortunate events in the news about police officers in other parts of the country, from abuses by the officers, to the horrible murders of officers who were doing nothing more than their jobs protecting civilians. We're pretty lucky here in the Crossroads to not have those kinds of problems. Now, I've never been wanted for a crime, and the worst offense I've ever been guilty of is speeding., but every time I've ever had any interaction with the police, it's been extremely professional and respectful. I think we can all agree that we support our local law enforcement.

There's an event scheduled for this Sunday (July 24th) to say thank you to local law enforcement. It's the Blue Sunday event, and it happens from noon to 2pm at Renegade Church at 3706 N. Navarro Street. The event offers a free chicken barbecue meal for all law enforcement officers and their families. It's a nice way to show appreciation for the folks that have one of the most difficult jobs in the world. More information is available here.