You might think that after four-plus decades in the music industry that touring would be old hat for a band like Rush, but singer Geddy Lee says that hitting the road these days is more stressful than ever.

The vocalist tells, "I find it more stressful than when I was younger. I think the physical part of it takes its toll on me, and the other guys I know for sure. Staying healthy becomes a more difficult challenge, and as the tour winds on, nerves fray in a different way than they used to."

On a skill level, Lee says that he has more confidence in his singing and bass playing than he did when he was younger and therefore it makes it easier for him to capture an audience's attention, but, he adds, "There is kind of a physical price you pay as the tour winds on. Whereas when I was younger, I could be in almost any condition, get out there and bang it off. I'm grateful for the audiences that we have, wherever we go, but it's a difficult thing for me to do right now."

One "nice problem" to have though as a veteran band is deciding on set lists. Lee says it's hard to pick what goes in and becomes tougher every year, but he adds, "It's a good problem to have because it's the result of a long career." The singer adds, "You don't want to disappoint people by leaving their favorite song out. At the same time, you try to [play] a [new] old song. Trying to keep the balance is tricky."

Lee, with his Rush bandmates, just returned to the road on Friday night to support their latest album, 'Clockwork Angels.' In other Rush news, the band took home the Album of the Year for 'Clockwork Angels' at the inaugural Progressive Music Awards last week.