Streaming or simulcasting concerts is becoming more common — even the Grateful Dead are getting in on it — but the members of Rush still prefer a more traditional approach.

According to guitarist Alex Lifeson, the band's upcoming tour itinerary includes "no plans for a live stream" — and that's exactly the way he wants it.

"It’s a little old-school," explained Lifeson. "We want to keep it ‘that event, that concert, that congregation.’ In that sense, we’ll do it a little more old-fashioned."

On the subject of potentially releasing instant live albums from the shows, however, he's a little more malleable. "That’s not a bad idea. We’re so overwhelmed with getting the show together that we haven’t discussed something like that," he noted, while quickly pointing out that although the technology is there, he'd want to make sure the sound is up to his standards before anything went out.

"It’s a relatively easy thing to develop. We like to be in control. We don’t just want to provide a board mix, like a bootleg," Lifeson continued. "It would sound pretty good – I’ve heard a lot of mixes that come off the console that we use for research. But they’re not quite what I would want to have released."

Whatever happens, Lifeson assures fans that those who turn out for these shows will go home satisfied. "It’s a pivotal tour for us. It’s an anniversary tour. It also comes at a changing time for the band," he noted. "We’re having a lot of fun putting the sets together, and I think the fans are going to be very pleased with what we’re doing."

As previously reported, Lifeson hasn't been shy about sharing the amount of pre-production work that's going into this rehearsal — particularly with regards to rehearsals. "We’re nuts," he's quoted as saying. “We rehearse for six weeks before the rehearsals. I’m serious. I’ve been rehearsing for three weeks now. I spend four hours, three times a week, and then the rest of the time I play for an hour to two hours. And that’s just to get ready for rehearsals."

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