According to the Victoria Advocate and Crossroads Today, as of today, 9.28.2021, the victim in the probable homicide/arson has been identified as 36-year-old, Victoria resident, Loren Nichole Chacon.

No other details or updates have been reported at this time.


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A probable homicide and arson on Northside Rd continue to be investigated.

At 5:55 am this morning the Victoria County Sheriff's Department and Victoria Fire Department responded to a call regarding a small fire on Northside Rd in Victoria.

Once both the fire and sheriff's department arrived at the 500 block of Northside Rd, it proved to be much more.


Probable Arson and Homicide on Northside Rd.

By 6:45 am the fire had been contained, a probable homicide investigation was underway and a portion of Northside Rd. north and southbound had been blocked.

It looks like a portion of Northside Rd will continue to remain blocked as the investigation continues.

There was often avant-garde artwork featured on the front lawn of the burned residence.

The charred mobile home often showcased oddity art of sorts on the front lawn of the now burned residence on Northside Rd. Neighbors on Northside as well as those further residing on Parsons and Levi Sloan often paused as they drove along Northside Rd to stare bewildered at the unusual front lawn which often featured an abundance of stacked rocks, pinatas tied upside down on dead palm trees, and other unusual items. In this way, this was a well-known residence in the area.


This morning on the way to work I too was stopped on Northside Rd. by dozens of flashing lights and was heartbroken to think there was a potential accident. Instead, it appears, it is equally disturbing news.

We will continue to keep you posted as details from our local authorities become available.


If you are ever in a situation where calling 911 is a danger to you or you are unable to call, please note that you can text 911 in Victoria as well. 

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