When Osama bin Laden was taken out last month, it was an event that many people thought would never happen. It didn't happen soon enough, that's for sure. Hats off to the greatest military in the world for seeing it through.

The discovery of computers and documents in the compound where the al-Qaeda leader was killed revealed some problems with the terrorist group's image, and reports from the Associated Press show bin Laden's final writings dealt with how best to improve it. A name change was one way that came to mind.  This lends itself to numerous possibilities, as you can imagine, and Wired magazine started a contest asking readers for their ideas. Some of these are flat out awesome. Here are some of the top-rated suggestions.

Westboro Baptist Church

League of Extraordinary Beards

Angry Beards


Terrorists Without Borders

The Artist Formerly Known as al-Qaeda

Bad News Beards

The Abbotabad Golf and Jihad Club

Goat Busters

Yes We Quran!

Quran Quran

Microsoft Customer Service Call Center


Men Who Blow Up Goats

M.I.L.F.-Mullahs I'd Like to Fear

Honey, I Blew Up the Infidels!

Jihad Me at al Qaeda

Got some of your own? Check out the contest here.