Well, I'll be a PICKLE DILLY!
Pickles are trending everywhere!
No matter where you look, pickles are a BIG DILL making their way into well, almost everything! This past Christmas green pickle candy canes were a thing. Pickle peanuts, pickle seeds, even pickle soda... the list goes on. Pucker Up Buttercup!
On Valentine's Day we saw the internet explode with pickle bouquets. Because nothing says true love like a pickle bouquet. No one at the station got a pickle bouquet but it did GET us to thinking about all of the pickle flavored foods we have tried and loved.
Dill potato chips are a crowd favorite around here. Turns out so is frozen pickle juice. One of us, who will remain unnamed, admits to drinking pickle juice right out of the jar. Not sure if it's at the end of the pickle jar or if they put the jar back into the fridge with pickles still left in it... some information is just too much information.
Here is one tasty tidbit to share... you can get a pickled snow cone right here in Victoria, Texas... at Ortega's Rainbo Sno on Navarro. It's soooo good.
But what about some of the more unusual pickle products on the market today like pickled gum? Our studios can be tight living quarters so DJ's are forbidden to chew pickle gum, or eat ANYTHING with onions in it for that matter. I think that might be in our contracts. Seriously.
Pickled vodka is popular too. I have a great one liner about vodka drinkers being pickled enough already, but I'll keep that to myself. Or maybe not.
Weird but super fun online store  VAT-19,
sells a pickled cotton candy among other interesting pickle products.
How about pickled gummies? Yep, those are a thing!
If you want to try one of the most interesting pickle flavored combinations that foodies and stoners and stoned foodies alike agree tastes 'amazing man,' you just need three ingredients; bread, peanut butter and pickles!
Seriously this sandwich gets rave reviews.
Whose up for a PB & P?
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