So I went to lunch with my coworker Kristin today and it happened again... a person trying to park as close as they can to me. This *#@&!! parks almost on top of me and then realizes they can’t get out of their own car!

Really? Go ahead and try to open that door! You think you're going to be able to fit in the 12 inches of space you left between our two cars?

Rule One: Never Force your Car into a space you know it doesn’t fit. I have a co-worker Kristin and friend Lauren Tagliabue that have been in this situation and had to crawl in through their passenger side door to get to the driver’s side. Next time this happens I think Kristin and Lauren should go into the store and have the person paged over the intercom.

Let's remember what we learned in kindergarten: do unto others as you would want them to do to you.

Rule Two: If you use a shopping cart or basket put it back in the designated area. Rachel Stasny says this is one of her pet peeves and her car is the one that always gets those lovely dings in it because of baskets left behind.

Another friend Jane Young says she thinks they do this because your car is nicer than theirs. I love it when you watch the person unload their groceries and the shopping cart designated area is on the other side of their car and they choose to leave the cart right where they unloaded. And so another thought comes to my mind. This person can’t take 10 steps to put their cart in the designated area... lazy! This goes back to they didn’t learn anything in kindergarten, put back your toys or stuff where you got it from.

Rule Three: Observe the legal aspects of driving in a parking lot whether it is a speed limit sign, stop sign or handicap sign. My good buddy LJ wonders if the handicap signs are sold in bubblegum machines since he sees so many people who have them and walk better than him.

My cousin Jason says that people that park in the handicap parking spots and don't even have the plates is one of his pet peeves. And he loves how these people get annoyed when the store tells them to move or get mad at the police for giving them a ticket. Hello! No one made you park there you did this yourself knowing better.

Rule Four: I have to thank Justin Bujnoch for sharing. Gas station courtesy. He hates when people who drive gasoline vehicles pull up to the only diesel pump when there are 8 open gas pumps!

Rule Five: Only use one parking space. A schoolmate Len reminded me this can be very annoying especially when they park right in the middle of two spots. People who do this are either driving a car or truck they can't see out of clearly OR trying to avoid dents. (possibly because of rule #1 breakers.)

Rule Six: If the spot you are parallel parking in is big enough for at least two cars, don’t be a jerk and park in the middle. This is epically the case of downtown Victoria right now.

What is it these days with people not having parking etiquette? I am not sure if these people disregard courtesy and respect for other drivers looking for that perfect parking space or if they are just plain LAZY.