People are weird. You're a nutcase, we're lunatics, everyone in this crazy old world is out of their mind in one way or another. Think about it: people are eating turkey testicles and imagining a life without porn. But then there's this lady. 

She's being interviewed by a local news crew about what we assume is a recent crime in her area, although we have no idea what the hell she's talking about, and it's not the important part, anyway. Mid-interview, the crazy lady clears things up in an ultra casual manner, and if you're not listening carefully, you'll definitely miss it. "I know the vacuum cleaner man. He's seen my tits." Wait-- rewind. Said man of vacuums has seen this old women's wrinkly rack. Woof.

She hasn't been able to drive for three years, the lady's wearing a rainbow animal on her shoulders and she asks the nice news reporter if she wants a flash of her honkers too. Well all things considered, at least she doesn't go around kissing people's butts. Well, that might be a bit of an assumption.