Say it ain't so!  On the horizon there is a storm (or, simply put, English weather), and it could cause volleyball players to bundle up in the equivalent of long underwear instead of bathing suits. The forecast calls for highs in the 60's early next week in London. When you factor in night matches, that's not exactly bikini weather. Some beach volleyball players are ready to take precaution while us men folk suffer quietly at home.  I mean let's face it...I fondly remember the 2004 games, and again in 2008 in Beijing, watching Misty May bounce around the sand....oh what a lovely sight it was.

Nevertheless, beach volleyball is expected to draw crowds.  Some half a million are predicted to come out for about 100 matches despite a relatively brief stint at the Olympics. It was introduced at the 1996 Games in Atlanta.

Still, in all honesty, how can you not have a summer Olympics beach volleyball event without those oh so awesome bikinis.  Its not like watching the cast of Baywatch play volleyball or anything which, in itself, would be AMAZING!!

All I know is this guy is keeping his fingers crossed for sunny days in jolly ol England over the next few weeks.