Over the weekend, CNN Weekend Anchor Don Lemon came out of the closet.  Now a sports franchise's CEO is following his lead.  President of the Phoenix Suns NBA franchise, Rick Welts, has gone public with his alternative, sexual preference. 

Is this the beginning of a high profile snowball?  Will there be more? 

While these two are nothing to shrug off, they're still not high profile enough to make a HUGE splash.  If it had been Anderson Cooper, maybe.  If it had been Steve Nash, instead of an exec, maybe.  That high profile guy is still missing though.

Calling Troy Aikmen!  Calling Troy Aikmen! 

Who will it be?  Who will be the Rosa Parks of the "Gay Athletic Community" ?  And will it make you feel differently about the one that finally does?  What if it's your favorite player?  Will you respect him more or less?

Women's athletics don't count here. 

 A)  Sports have always been associated with the masculine, opening the door to the proverbial "She-Man" throughout history.  B)  There's not a female sports star that is high profile enough to make a ripple. C)  If she's even mildly attractive, no less than half the world would think it's pretty hot.

Don't think for a second that Rosie O'Donnel couldn't tear the cover off a softball.

So it's going to take a high profile man, that plays a rough, masculine sport like football to really "change" things.  Or maybe a Nascar driver.  Oh man...that'll be the day.  They'd probably making drive the pink Tampax car or something. 

Do I care one way or the other?  No, I don't.  But I'm a big fan of controversy and human (over)reaction s to them and this will be a good one.

Most likely, in my opinion, it will be a FORMER sports star.  Again...Calling Troy Aikmen!  Calling Troy Aikmen!  Ricky Williams?  T.O. ?  Magic Johnson? Lawrence Taylor?  Johnny Bench?  Deion Sanders?  Rick Flair? 

Pete Rose?  Don't bet on it.  He wouldn't, right?

WHO THEN ?  You tell me.  You've got to have a reason though.  Just google "Gay NFL" or "Gay NBA", etc. to get some ideas.

And let the rumor mill start  : )

Who would it take so that