Yep, Naked Gardening is a thing! A really good thing!

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You can show your support for mother nature and your birthday suit by celebrating in the sunshine buck naked on National Naked Gardening Day celebrated the first Saturday in May around the world!

May 1st National Naked Gardening Day.

That's right. All around the world on May 1st there is a good chance that someone in your neck of the woods or likely ' across the pond' is going to be outside digging in dirt wearing nothing but their smile.

Throwing Caution to the Wind.

I'd advise being extra careful with your pruning shears and the weed wacker but other than that I am totally on board. Here is why; I am a big fan of earthing which in some instances is known as grounding.

YouTube/ Wiki4All

Earthing also known as grounding.

Outside of the obvious benefit of freaking your neighbors out, another reason gardening in the buff or even walking barefooted is considered good practice is that research offers that 'earthing', also known as 'grounding,' with bare feet centers you electrically to the earth.

Yes, you read that right. Being barefoot is known to recharge and recenter you to Earth and all living things.

In an article that you can read in its entirety here, Healthline offers that the practice of walking barefoot relies on earthing science and grounding physics to explain how electrical charges from the earth can have positive effects on your body. "Grounding affects the living matrix, which is the central connector between living cells." 

Researching the benefits continues.

Grounding is said to boost mood, help with cardiovascular disease, and to reduce swelling just to name a few of the benefits as research continues on the study of earthing.  If you are still on the fence ( hopefully with your clothes still on), it doesn't take but a second to find more info on the science behind the benefits. That being said, before you hit up Google, let me offer that as absurd as gardening naked may seem, this is the ultimate way to be one with nature.

YouTube/ Wiki4All

Gardening naked is truly getting back to our roots.

Here is a quick video about WNGD from Wiki4All on Youtube.

Get Happy. Get Naked. Get Gardening! 

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